What Is A Candleoholic?

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The Candleoholic

Ok, so we all know the symptoms of certain types is isms. The typical candleoholic is really no different than an alcoholic, drug addict, sex addict, caffeine addict, sugar addict or one of a million other types of addictions in this world of ours. The symptoms range in nature from common to the bizarre, and often, we will miss the most minute causes of candleoholism, and think that the person is just going through some type of weird phase. But, do not think for one minute that this is the case. The classic candleoholic can become dangerous when going without the candle fix for a long period of time. Disorientation, inability to concentrate, shakiness, nervousness, trembling and all other classic cases will be seen with the candleoholic until he can get his next candle fix.

What is a candleoholic?

The Candleoholic is one who has chosen a hard road. They have undertaken huge responsibilities and have decided to buy, use, become aware of, absorb into and become part of the world of scented candles. They will stop at nothing to get their candle for the day. They have to have the pleasant aroma, the flickering firelight at night and the desirable and almost haunting colors that scented candles come in. They are forever hooked with the notion that they cannot and will not survive without a candle fix a day. They will stop at nothing to get their candles. They will lie, cheat, steal and commit every crime in the book, just to get the candle that they long for within their own heart.

The classic candleoholic is usually neat in appearance, and has a pleasant personality. This comes from them being in constant contact with their favorite scented candles all the time. When they are able to find the perfect Scents for the Senses candles they are fine; however, the moment that they can no longer find the candles they desire, then the danger comes to others who are close by. They will become the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the first signs of not getting their candles delivered on time to their residence. They become quite aggressive, angry and not at all like themselves.

What are the danger signs of being a candleoholic?

Aggressive and demanding behavior is the classic symptom of the candleoholic. They will display any number of emotions to get what they want. Love, hate, desire, passion, permissiveness, submissiveness and anything else that will get them the scented candles that they so long for. As long as they have them they are fine. Without scented candles, they are lost in a world of hostility, confusion and bewilderment. All the classic symptoms of neurosis on steroids will describe the super candleoholic to a tee.

What are the risks involved in being a candleoholic?

The risks of being a candleoholic are numerous. Aggressive and violent behavior can beset the candleoholic without his beloved scented candle. He/she can and will stop at nothing to have what they want in the candle line. They are driven by passion, greed, and the ever present danger of losing all without their candle fix. In the very worst cases that we have seen, the candleoholic has even threatened to maim or injure anyone who gets in their way of not getting what they want, when they want it in the scented candle line. This all may seem confusing to the person reading this timely and information packed article on candleoholicism, but the facts are presented here ma’am, just the facts!

How can you tell if you are a candleoholic?

At first, the classic symptoms of becoming a bit edgy or nervous will be the first signs of candleoholicism. The user of scented candles may indeed think that they can live without candles, and even try to convince all others around them that they can. However, this is all part of the trickery of the mind in the disturbed candleoholic. They cannot, and will not survive without scented candles in their life. They must first understand the candle addiction and accept it, before they can ever hope to be cured from it.

Inability to think clearly and reason. The classic case of candleoholicism is disorientation, nervousness, impatience and the uncontrollable desire to stare at an open flame for long hours at a time. The scent of the candle is the pervading factor in all of this and the candleoholic always has the perfect blend, or so they think, that makes their world all right. They must constantly think about getting that next candle, even though they have just purchased, and received their candle. The next candle and the next candle are all that they can think about. This condition worsens with time, and it is quite possible that the candleoholic individual will spend money that they do not have in order to get and keep a steady supply of scented candles on hand for the right bingeing occasion.

What to do about your candleoholic addiction and the recovery process.

There are certain conditions and cures that can, and will help the classic candleoholic in their quest for normality once again. The cures, even though they may seem to be harsh and unforgiving, have an excellent chance of success. Proven methods of dealing with candleoholicism will be found in the remainder of this article. Take heed and learn from the leader in the world of candleology, there is help for the hurting candleoholic by following the suggestions listed below.

Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative-Candleologist

Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative-Candleologist has spent years in formulating the perfect cures for the classic candleoholic. She has exhausted all resources and observed many classic cases of candleoholicism and has been inspired to reach down deep into the psychological makeup of the candleoholic, and find the root cause for the addiction and the cure that will follow naturally. Identifying the classic causes of candleoholicism has led Deborah down a road steeped with much misinformation, advertising and advice from those that seemingly were candle experts, but lacked the technical expertise that she has to uncover the root cause of this massively destructive addiction.

The classical cases that Deborah Hamilton has personally dealt with in this road to perdition study concerning all aspects of scented candle addiction has been a journey steeped in mystery, confusion, idealistic intentions and involvement in the human psychology to the likes that few people have ever known before. It is vital that the reader of this timely piece of information know the truth, for the truth can, and will set you free.

In a recent interview, Deborah Hamilton said, “I have seen most every kind of candleoholic known. They usually are quiet, unsuspecting, innocent in the approach to the care and use of scented candles, always are neat in appearance, and without exception, all have the desire to lead perfectly normal lives. This is precisely where the fork in the road begins. In that moment of normalcy, they become addicted to the smell, fragrance, aroma, sight and flickering of light that all scented candles have in common. They are drawn like the proverbial moth to a flame. Their addiction is mild at first, but when gone unchecked, will lead to bizarre behavior that is best not written about in this scented candle article.

The Final Analysis and Cure for Candleoholicism

For those that suffer this debilitating disease, there is hope for the devastation and broken lives that precede scented candle addiction. Many who have gone down the long road to broken dreams and promises with their candle addiction, will take some satisfaction in the knowing that Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative-Candleologist has broken through the barrier of the unknown, and discovered the following secret and cure to this disease.

The key to candleoholicism is that people who do not purchase the right candle are 100 times more likely to suffer side effects of becoming a candleoholic than those that purchase Avon Candles from Deborah Hamilton!

Click this link to save yourself from Candleoholicism! https://goo.gl/XOj2M4 It is THE only way to securely preserve what sanity you have!


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  2. The Root Cause of Candleoholicism

    Throughout time, man has sought to unlock the mysteries of life. For some, travelling to the highest mountain top and meditating for years, seemed to be the perfect way to explain and unlock the deepest and darkest mysteries of life. For others, slipping into the unconscious stupor of drugs and alcohol seemed to be the right thing to do and at the right time. The obvious problems with this type of addiction is that it will eventually cease the life as you know it from being in the world. Too often, this happens to people who turn to drugs and drink in pursuit of the perfect answer to life.

    For millions, religion is just the right answer to unlock the riddles of life. What would Jesus do is the phrase and chant used by the Christians, and praising Allah is the right method for getting into the Muslim heaven. Each and every religion is basically the same, but different somehow. It is simply our choice on what and who to believe in life, and this is where the major differences begin to unfold. The Christians think and know they are right. The Muslims know and think that they are right, and seldom are there people who choose to meet somewhere in the middle. Most people are so outright convinced that they are right about their religious views that they will be happy to kill for those beliefs.

    How to Uncover the Root Cause of Candleoholicism

    The more innocent perversion of the addictions enters the scene in the new word called candleoholicism. This little known disease is ever bit as powerful as drugs, alcohol, sex, religion or any of the other million and one addictions found in the human condition, with one brief exception.

    Candleholicism – The addiction to scented candles – will not kill you!

    This is great news to those who suffer needlessly the pains and anguish of candle addictions. Even though the symptoms are much the same as the other ailments, the candleoholic simply has to have the next scented candle in line to replace the already quickly dimming flame of the last candle. This leads to anxious and neurotic behavior, as the addicted personality must now choose where and how to buy the next candle for the welcome fix to please the savage beast of the soul of the afflicted and addicted.

    The good news about Candleoholicism

    There is hope and help for the hurting. This all comes from Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative-Candleologist. “The Root Cause of Candleoholicism is…people who purchase scented candles that are not exclusively from Avon!”

    The Remedy for Candleoholicism

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